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Lubricants, Creams & Lotions

We have a full assortment of stirring, sensual lubes that will embellish both solo and partner sex. Use them as a tasty treat, as a way to desensitize things, to give a rousing tingle, or just to add some slippery sensation. Whether they are used for vaginal, oral, or anal play, a high quality lube is essential!

Enhance your experience with the selection of lubes and oils from Orgasizzle. Match your pleasure with one of these great products to complete your sexual quest.

Whether intended for lubrication or massage, water or oil based, flavored or scented, you are sure to intensify your experience with the right choice here. Use a lubricant to make anal sex easier, to make that masturbator or dildo slide slicker or oils to make that massage hotter.