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Electrosex Gear

ElectroSex, Electrostimulation, or E-Stim, is a method of sexual stimulation achieved by running electrical currents through the body, causing a mild spasm and intense sensation. From power boxes to accessories to insertables, Orgasizzle offers a little something for everyone.

These breathtaking electro sex machines and devices use electricity instead of vibration to stimulate your most intimate body parts. Powered by batteries or boxes, this equipment will give you a deeper, more intense stimulation than vibrating sex toys. They will tickle and tingle you to a shocking climax.

When used alone you can enjoy a range of sensations suited for both internal and external stimulation, often leading to hands-free climaxes. When with a partner, you can experience the sensual erotic tingle wherever you kiss, touch or caress one another, deepening your shared pleasure.